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There are two commercially important families of edible lobsters.  the Nephropidae, which include the American lobster Homarus americanus, have one pair of large claws and are found in the northern Atlantic Ocean.  The Palinuridae, or spiny lobsters (also called rock lobsters), lack the large claws and have spines all over their bodies.  They live in subtropical and tropical oceans.

Lobsters have compound eyes that are carried on movable eye stalks.  Each eye is made up of approximately 14,000 individual units.  Lobsters can detect movement, and they may be able to perceive images.  It is not known whether lobsters can detect colors as can other decapods.

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Photos and info on Australian seafood - Southern Rock Lobster ... Southern Rock Lobster. Scientific Name. Jasus edwardsii Also known as Rock Lobster, Red Rock Lobster and Crayfish.

A type of spiny lobster, also commonly known as a "rock lobster" are tropical in origin and are a common sight on Philippine reefs. They lack the large chelipeds of other types of lobster, but have very large spiny antennae, as seen here onilne.

Southern Rock Lobster. The southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) fishery is the largest fishery in Tasmania, Australia, with annual landings worth $50 million australian dollars ($__ million US).

Try a delicious fish or seafood recipe from our barbecue and grill collection, including our Barbecued Rock Lobster Tails recipe ... Grilled fish and seafood recipes from Recipe Goldmine. Barbecued Rock Lobster Tails recipe ... Barbecued Rock Lobster Tails. Frozen rock lobster tails (2 per person) ...

California Rock Lobster, Panulirus interruptus
Description 6" (41 cm) long, 4" (102 mm) high. Long, cylindrical, spiny. Reddish-brown, spines red, underside lighter brown; legs with pale brown longitudinal stripe. Carapace with rows of strong spines, largest pair of spines above eyestalks, directed forward. 1st pair of antennae slender, branched, 2/3 body length; 2nd pair of antennae longer than body, large, heavy, spiny, base with strong spines. No pincers on walking legs. Upper surface of abdomen pebbled.

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To perk up your lobster picnic, accompany these succulent lobster tails with a lightly dressed coleslaw and serve the lobster with the dilled dipping sauce. ... Bring out great recipes. Rock Lobster Tails. Source: Better Homes and Gardens ... each) fresh or frozen rock lobster tails, thawed, onilne...

... Industry Council for the Western Australia rock lobster fishery. This certification was the first MSC ... onlin found that the Western Australian rock lobster fishery met or exceeded the ...

Warm Water Rock Lobster. Warm Water Rock Lobster. Rock lobster (without claws) is a known delicacy that is highly prized the world over. Found in warm and cold waters, rock lobster is sold primarily as tails and whole cooked.

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