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Lobstering Traps

A few pictures of my traps and a couple lobster pictures. Lobstering in Maine. This picture shows some of my multi - colored traps. These are red with a green end in the parlor. Somehow the trap was found after this person also lost it and ended up on the fisherman's float where I keep my tender so I got it back.

Visual introduction to the profession of lobstering, part of a featured 'journey' of the Undersea Landscapes of the Gulf of Maine educational website. Head in Penobscot Bay to haul lobster traps. Lobstring thrives in the Gulf of Maine due often attached to single traps, as many as ten or more lobstering traps can be. To attract lobsters, Shaun McLennan fills bait bags with herring. Other oily fish have been used depending on abundance and price. In response to increasing pressures on bait fish such as herring, researchers are developing chemical attractants that may one day replace fish.

Lobsters are processed immediately as traps are retrieved. In Maine, lobster carapaces must legally measure between three and a quarter and five inches from the eye socket to the end of the carapace - a lobster's largest shell segment. This past century has seen dramatic changes in the lobstering industry. Modern lobsterboats highlight a growing emphasis on speed, range, and technology, bringing more and more to the table. As long as the fishery holds, increased hauls are likely to continue for some time.

The expense of lobstering, the risk of losing everything in one storm, the long hours, and difficult working conditions have resulted in most fishermen being a rugged and independent breed who earn every penny they bring home and who have little sympathy for those weekend boaters who do not learn the ways of the sea. Fishermen know the dangers of going offshore in small boats and, while few Hampton men have been lost in this difficult occupation, the risks are always present, as local people learned one March day in 1976 when North Hampton lobsterman Irving “Nicky” Jones, a Hampton native, disappeared while lobstering. His

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