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Lobster Fishing

It is the commercial or recreational harvesting of marine Lobsters or Spiny lobsters, and is lucrative due to a huge market demand for lobster. Most commercial fishers use traps. Their use is considered advantageous to other collection techniques. Areas where it is common include southern California, New England, and the Canadian Maritimes.

Fishers should be aware of the latest regulations before fishing. You can search for the latest fishery rerigging for directed American lobster fishing, or was under written. Recreational fishing vessel means any vessel from which no fishing other than recreational fishing is conducted. Charter and party boats and dive boats are not considered recreational fishing vessels.

Carapace length is the straight line measurement from the rear of the eye socket parallel to the center line of the carapace to the posterior edge of the carapace. The carapace is the unsegmented body shell of the American lobster, or lobter means the species Homarus americanus. V-notched means any female American bearing a V-shaped notch in the flipper next to and to the right of the center flipper as viewed from the rear of the lobster (underside of the lobster down and tail toward the viewer).V-shaped notch means a straight-sided triangular cut, without setal hairs, as least 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) in depth and tapering to a point.

Beam trawl means gear, consisting of a twine bag attached to a beam attached to a towing wire, designed so that the beam does not contact the bottom. The beam is constructed with sinkers or shoes on either side that support the beam above the bottom or any other modification so that the beam does not contact. The beam trawl is designed to slide along the bottom rather than dredge.

Vessel owners or operators who apply for a fishing vessel permit under this section, or for a State permit endorsed for EEZ fishing under paragraph (a)(2) of this section, must agree, as a condition of the permit, that all the vessel's lobster
fishing, catch, and gear (without regard to whether such fishing occurs in the EEZ or landward of the EEZ, and without regard to where such lobster, lobster meats, or parts, or gear are possessed, taken or landed) will be subject to all the requirements of this part.

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