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How To Eat Lobster

• Claws - Remove the lobster claws by twisting them from the body. Tear them off with a gentle twisting motion, and note that the crusher claw usually is bigger than the tearing claw. Using a nutcracker, seafood shell cracker or pliers, crack the shells of the claws, and pull out the meat. Check for especially tasty pieces in small parts!

• Tail - Arch the back of the lobster until it cracks and separate the tail from the lobster's body. Break off the tail flippers, insert a fork, and push the tail meat out in one large piece. The best part of the lobster is the tail meat.

• Body - Unhinge the back shell from the lobster's body. You'll see a green area called the "tomalley", and the coral-colored "roe" which is also edible. Which is the unfertilized eggs of the female. Lobster eggs were once considered a delicacy, like caviar. The roe is also called "coral" because of its bright red color.

• Crack the lobster's body by pulling it apart sideways. Lobster meat can be found in the four pockets where the larger legs attach. There is also a small bit of meat in each of the walking legs that can be removed by sucking.

Nutritional studies show that 3 1/2 ounces of lobster meat, without the butter, contains 90 calories, compared to 163 calories for the same amount of chicken and 280 calories for sirloin steak. Lobster also contains omega-3 fatty acids, the "good " cholesterol that seems to reduce hardening of the arteries and decrease the risk of heart attacks.

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