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There are two commercially important families of edible lobsters.  the Nephropidae, which include the American lobster Homarus americanus, have one pair of large claws and are found in the northern Atlantic Ocean.  The Palinuridae, or spiny lobsters (also called rock lobsters), lack the large claws and have spines all over their bodies.  They live in subtropical and tropical oceans.

Lobsters have compound eyes that are carried on movable eye stalks.  Each eye is made up of approximately 14,000 individual units.  Lobsters can detect movement, and they may be able to perceive images.  It is not known whether lobsters can detect colors as can other decapods.

Fresh Live Maine/Canadian Lobsters, Australian coldwater spiny/rock lobster tails, lobster claws/meat, and gourmet dinners/meals. steam lobsters, put about 2 inches of sea water or salted fresh water in the bottom of a not store live lobsters on ice, in fresh water or in the

Manomet Lobster Pound has been selling live lobsters since 1952. ... inches of seawater or fresh water into a pot large enough to hold the lobsters. You can also large enough to hold the lobsters above the water, in the bottom ...

fresh water lobsters. lobster divers ... spiney lobster. fresh water lobster. lobster boy. Recipe For Lobster Bisque Soup, oline...

are related to lobsters but they live in fresh or brackish water. Lobsters live only in saltwater. ... inches of seawater or salted fresh water in the bottom of a

but the crayfish live in fresh or brackish water. Lobsters live only in salt water will die in fresh water. When transferring lobsters, pick them up by

Lobster Pot Direct's Online Lobster Information! The live lobsters must not be placed in fresh water, even if you add salt put them in the tub? Fresh water will kill your lobsters immediately. Keep them in ... Steaming lobster is the most common method of cooking which is done by placing two inches of salted water in a large pot. You can also boil your lobsters by boiling enough water to cover the lobster with 2 tablespoons of salt in the water then add the lobster. In both cases they should be cooked for 10-15 minutes after the water comes to a boil with the lobster in the pot. For further cooking information, please visit our cooking lobster page.
* How can you tell when a lobster is cooked? A fresh lobster is cooked when the two front antennae pull out easily, when the meat is white, and when the outer shells are bright red. Never overcook your lobster. Overcooking will tend to make the meat hard and rubbery. For further cooking information, please visit our cooking lobster page.

them in a bathtub of fresh water will kill them before you're able related to lobsters, but they live in fresh or brackish water. Lobsters live only in salt water

Nice lobsters are usually sized between 1 and 2 pounds or sometimes up to three pounds california spiney. Have your lobsters shipped live to your front door, so you can cook spiney lobster california perfectly fresh. Live lobsters are the ultimate. The key is to boil them immediately when they arrive, the same california spiney day. wholesale lobster tails. fresh water blue lobster. red colored lobster lighthouse facts about lobsters. lobster nutrition information onlne. fresh water lobster bisque recipes oline

Onlne ordering of fresh, live Maine lobsters, mussels, steamer clams; also complete Maine Lobster Bakes with steamers and mussels - instructions and recipes. Always cook Maine lobsters in (actual) sea water, oline. That's why we include sea salt packet in every shipment Maine lobster is cooked in fresh water, some of it's salt leaches


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