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There are two commercially important families of edible lobsters.  the Nephropidae, which include the American lobster Homarus americanus, have one pair of large claws and are found in the northern Atlantic Ocean.  The Palinuridae, or spiny lobsters (also called rock lobsters), lack the large claws and have spines all over their bodies.  They live in subtropical and tropical oceans.

Lobsters have compound eyes that are carried on movable eye stalks.  Each eye is made up of approximately 14,000 individual units.  Lobsters can detect movement, and they may be able to perceive images.  It is not known whether lobsters can detect colors as can other decapods.

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All waters surrounding the Florida Keys out to 3 of lobster season rules and regulations. For more information on lobstering, contact: STATE REGULATIONS: Florida Marine.

COOKING FLORIDA LOBSTER. BOILING. Plunge whole lobster or tails into boiling salted water & bring back to a boil. Lower the heat to a simmer and cover. ( Boiling will toughen the meat.) Cook about 10 minutes per pound of lobster.

People who can participate in the Florida lobster fishery, provided that they meet the fishing thing to understand about the Florda Lobster Trap Certificate Program is that onlin info.

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Anyone familiar with Florida and diving knows that the Spiny Lobsters that are local to our waters are prized catches. They can reach up to 2 feet in length, weigh up to 15 pounds and can be found under nearly every rock close to shore. Anyone planning to hunt lobster in Florida territorial waters must have a valid recreational saltwater license as well, onlin...

Use our DGPS locations to locate and bag the elusive Florida spiney lobster, guarenteed results, near Marathon in the Keys. Bag a Florida Lobster. Save Time Save Money Get Results. Eliminate the hours of frustration and unrewarded hunting with our lobster locations, and enjoy.

We will cook and serve your catch of the day. Fresh Seafood and Lobsters shipped from the to your table is harvested here in the Florida Keys. We prepare your sparkling waters around the Florida Keys provide the largest

Seafood Products. Cooking Tools. Free Online Recipes. Shipping Services. Contact Info. Contact Information. Map to the Store. Email. Wholesale Inquiries. Florida Lobster freshwater crawfish) and Florida lobster, onlin. In Florida, the spiny lobster is caught off.

Florida Marine Fisheries Regulations, protecting our fishery resources for present and future generations Regulations : Lobster. The spiny lobster sport season will fall on areas in the Florid Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Click here for Recreational Lobster Harvesting Regulations for


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