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There are two commercially important families of edible lobsters.  the Nephropidae, which include the American lobster Homarus americanus, have one pair of large claws and are found in the northern Atlantic Ocean.  The Palinuridae, or spiny lobsters (also called rock lobsters), lack the large claws and have spines all over their bodies.  They live in subtropical and tropical oceans.

Lobsters have compound eyes that are carried on movable eye stalks.  Each eye is made up of approximately 14,000 individual units.  Lobsters can detect movement, and they may be able to perceive images.  It is not known whether lobsters can detect colors as can other decapods.

How to boil and cook live lobster in boiling water. Rock Lobster Salad. Loster Salad Recipe. Lobster Dip. Cheesecake Lobster Newburg. Creamed Lobter. Lobster Bisque. Boiled Lobster with Citrus Butter. Lbster Newburg onnline

Boiled Lobster recipe from Just Seafood Recipes. Ingredient listing, preparation instructions and printable version all included. Yield: 4 servings. Boiled Lobster printer friendly version located here onnline

BOILED LOBSTER. The number of lobsters to be boiled determines the minimum kettle size. The water should fill the pot one-half to not more than two-thirds full. Bring water to a rolling boil over high heat.

.There's no ingredient list for this recipe — all you need is a large pot of boiling water, a live lobster, and butter for dipping the lobster in. Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil.

online serves up recipes, menus, planning tips, wine reviews, ideas on pairing wine and food, and articles about innovations and innovators in the food world. Melanie Acevedo email to a friendprinter readyadd to My FavoritesBoiled Lobster with Pepper Butter Treat yourself to a dinner of boiled lobster with warm butter dipping sauce

Boiled Lobster. Loster pot. 2 - 1 and 1/4 pound lobsters. 7 quarts of water. Heat water in lobster pot on high until boiling. Remove elastics from lobsters’ claws. Submerge lobsters head first into the boiling water and cover pot.

On this page you will find a helpful recipe for boiled lobster Boiled Lobster. 1 lobster. 1/2 cup salt Fill very large pot with enough water to cover the lobster. Add salt and bring to a boil ...

Lobster recipes include lobster stew, bisque, boiled lobster, and many more. A nice variety of delicious lobster recipes. ... Lobster Boil Recipes. Loster stew, lobster dip, boiled lobster, bisque, and many more lobter recipes ... Boil Lbster. The traditional cooking method, serve with plenty of melted butter. ...

For four generations, Nana Bet served our family traditional Maine Boiled Lobster with drawn butter most popular way to serve the boled lobster is with a side of drawn butter

Boiled Lobster onnline. Directory, online information and guide.

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